little rust starter hint series: Polymorphism and Traits

Today we going to explore Polymorphism and how that is actually doable in Rust. For those that have not done any OOP language yet, Polymorphism is just a fancy term for behaving or being polymorph. For example a instance of something can also be or behave as something else. In …

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little rust starter hint series: tests and TDD

Today we going to solve the Daily Challenge #47 - Alphabets in rust by applying test driven development (TDD) methodologies. Don't worry we will do very little steps and the full code is available as repo (link at the end).

For those that are familiar with rspec like testing frameworks as …

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little rust starter hint series: modules and imports

This post is additive to the awesome online book rust101 from Ralf Jung. Just in case things are a bit unclear be advised to read that book / section in addition then it should all make sense.

Today I want to show how you can separate your code in rust 2018 …

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rethink nested loops in Javascript functional

I want to start right away with the little problem statement:

const animals = ['ant', 'bison', 'camel', 'duck', 'elephant'];

// c-ish for-i loop
for (let i = 0; i < animals.length; i++) {
    for (let j = i + 1; j < animals.length; j++) {
        const a1 = animals[i];
        const a2 = animals[j];

        console.log(`${a1} and …

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prepare a dart package for publishing in 5minutes

When publishing a dart package you should spend a minute and read the recommendations from the dart team about publishing. However it makes sense to add a few more things to show up how nice your new package is and what awesome things it can do.

dartanalyzer …

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Profiling with PHP

Finding bottle necks in PHP Code is way easier than you think, no microtime or even third party tools are required to get a proper profiling and insights about your code performance

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Dart IO - Streaming Strings in a Nutshell

Dart has a sophisticated IO Stream / Events API that is not so easy to grasp from their documentation, here I want to illustrate how to use it the right way on a super simple String IO example.

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ReStructuredText Blogging!

CMS based blogging was my choice for long. Now it's time to change and rediscover the benefits of blog offline in my IDE of choice.

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Django deployment to AWS using Elastic Beanstalk

I want to share my experience about django project deployment to AWS using Elastic Beanstalk.

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Django CBV and filter by "q" mixin

This is only a short post about combining a CBV with a mixin to support searching by GET param "q" in general.

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