rust macro rules in practice

This is the first post on my new series "practical rust bites" that shows very tiny pieces of rust, taken out of practical real projects. So this article will be super short, easy to follow and hopefully helpful to find your way into the rust eco system.


macro …

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little rust starter hint series: lifetimes made easy

As usual, I want to share with you an awesome online-book to learn rust in a very problem centric way. This book focuses on the problem of implementing a linked list, which is a very essential data structure, and a fundamental lesson in computer science and programming. It's for instance …

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little rust starter hint series: Polymorphism and Traits

Today we going to explore Polymorphism and how that is actually doable in Rust. For those that have not done any OOP language yet, Polymorphism is just a fancy term for behaving or being polymorph. For example a instance of something can also be or behave as something else. In …

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little rust starter hint series: tests and TDD

Today we going to solve the Daily Challenge #47 - Alphabets in rust by applying test driven development (TDD) methodologies. Don't worry we will do very little steps and the full code is available as repo (link at the end).

For those that are familiar with rspec like testing frameworks as …

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little rust starter hint series: modules and imports

This post is additive to the awesome online book rust101 from Ralf Jung. Just in case things are a bit unclear be advised to read that book / section in addition then it should all make sense.

Today I want to show how you can separate your code in rust 2018 …

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